The northern most island in the Leeward chain, Anguilla is just an hour flight from Puerto Rico SJU
and a 20 minute ferry ride from our neighbor to the south, St. Martin/Maarten SXM.
Our airport, Wallblake Airport AXA has daily flights with Winair and Liat.
Anguilla has over 30 white sand beaches, great restaurants and intimate resorts and fabulous villas.
Anguilla's capital, The Valley in located in the center of Anguilla.
The island is about 17 miles long and 3 miles wide at it's widest point.
Anguilla has a population of about 13 thousand mostly English speaking people and is a British Overseas Territory.
This website has information about getting to Anguilla by air and by sea,
where to stay, where to eat and what to do while you are here.


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( 14.05.2012 20:29 )

A video about Anguilla.

( 06.06.2012 18:01 )

A new shuttle for meeting passengers at SXM
NEWS FLASH!! New shuttle port near the SXM airport coming soon, early October. Click the boat for photos of the port.
If you are planning a trip to Anguilla, here is some important information about getting to the island that will save you lots of time and energy.
FIRST: Don't try booking a flight to Anguilla AXA
Type in SXM, not AXA
Anguilla has a regional airport and has no flights directly from America or Europe. But, we do have the island of Sint Maarten only a 20 minute boat ride from Anguilla. Sint Maarten has a very nice, modern international airport with flights from USA and Europe.
So when you are booking your flight, type in SXM, arrive in St. Maarten and get a ferry or shuttle boat to Anguilla. It is a short pleasant trip and a great way to begin your holiday. Best part, the regular ferry is only $15.00 per person one way.
Click to learn more about getting to Anguilla using our ferry system.

( 10.02.2009 17:33 )
Enjoying Anguilla's delights has never been easier than with Rainbow International Airlines air charter flights between San Juan and Anguilla. All flights take approximately 55 minutes each way and provide a seamless connection with United States mainland flights.
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( 02.08.2010 13:46 )
Beginning December 22, 2010, Cape Air will be adding year-round, twice-daily flights between San Juan and Anguilla. This new route marks the 13th year that Cape Air has been providing inter-Island service in the Caribbean.
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( 29.08.2012 11:26 )
Public Holidays on Anguilla all banks and government offices
close. Public ferry runs every day of the year.
Some supermarkets remain open for most holidays.
Most restaurants remain open.

New Year's Day Wednesday, 1 January

James Ronald Webster Day Monday, 3 March

Good Friday Friday, 18 April

Easter Monday Monday, 21 April

Labour Day Thursday, 1 May

Anguilla Day Friday, 30 May

Whit Monday Monday, 9 June

Queen Celebration Monday, 16 June

August Monday Monday, 4 August

August Thursday Thursday, 7 August

Constitution Day Friday, 8 August

National Heroes and Heroines Day Friday, 19 December

Christmas Day Thursday, 25 December

Boxing Day Friday, 26 December
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Schedule for AARF Yard sales for 2013 and 2014

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Do you have a question about Anguilla accommodation? Ask Us. We will respond promptly with an answer. Our numbers are 321-392-0828 or 877-471-2733

Anguilla Accommodation Info.

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( 11.08.2004 11:32 )
Charter boats in Anguilla will pick you up at the SXM airport in Simpson Bay or the Simpson Bay bridge and carry you and your luggage to Blowing Point. If you are coming to Anguilla and do not wish to travel on the ferry, consider a charter or shuttle boat for your trip.
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( 02.08.2012 09:55 )
The Ferry Terminal at Blowing Point is the sea port for Anguilla. It is the best way to take a day trip to neighbouring island St. Martin, Sint Maarten.

Daytime ferry service starts at 7:30 AM everyday from Anguilla and runs 45 minutes until the last ferry leaves Anguilla at 6:15 PM and returns from St. Martin at 7:00 PM.
Marigot St. Martin 8:15 AM and continues every 45 mins until 7 PM

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