Getting married on Anguilla

Getting married on Anguilla is a great idea for lots of reasons but the best is that the required stay on the island is only 48 hours to process the licence. Besides, you will already be on your honeymoon as Anguilla is the perfect spot to spend your first days of wedding bliss.
Note: Anyone visiting Anguilla is eligible to have a marriage performed here if they meet these requirements.

Marriage Requirements
  • Process time: 48 hours (both parties must be on Anguilla for 3 days before marriage)
  • Documents: Proof of citizenship i.e. Passport
  • Previous marriage: Divorce papers or death certificate
  • Fee: $244.00 US
  • Stamp Duty: $100.00EC in Postage Stamps
  • Witnesses: Two witnesses required
  • Contact: Magistrate 264-497-2377

Requirements for Marriage on Anguilla.

The government of Anguilla permits couples to marry on the island under the authority of a special license that takes 48 hours to process.
It is recommended that couples arrive several days (at least 3 days) before the intended ceremony date to arrange paperwork.
Documents required to apply for a marriage license are the same as the documents needed for entry to Anguilla. These documents include: proof of citizenship such as a valid passport or birth certificate and driver's license with photo. In the event that one or both of the "intended" are re-marrying, proof of divorce or death certificate is required.
If one partner resides in Anguilla for at least fifteen days before the date of marriage, the cost of the license is US$40 and 100EC stamp duty in postage stamps.
If the stay is shorter, then the cost of the license is $244US and 100EC stamp duty in postage stamps. Go to the Post Office first and pick up your stamps. Two witnesses are required. If you plan to marry in Anguilla, contact the Magistrate at 264-497-2377 or 264-497-3477.

Marriage Choices

Anguilla has many faiths and houses of worship to choose from for your wedding. Many couples opt for the natural beauty of the beach or a private cay. Some even perform their ceremonies in or under the water!
Of course there is always the Court House where the magistrate performs your ceremony with no fanfare. Quick and simple!
Just make sure to bring your marriage license and stamp duty along with your passport to have a happy wedding.
Visit Anguilla Wedding for more information.

Anguilla Churches
(list not complete)
Note: Some ministers will only marry first time weddings, i.e. no divorce.
Apostolic Faith Church, Blowing Point 497-8863
Central Baptist Church, Rey Hill 497-3324
Christian Fellowship Church, Bowing Point 497-6681
Church of God, North Side 497-2617
Church of God, Queen Elizabeth Rd. 497-2618
Church of God of Prophecy, West End 497-6703
Seventh Day Adventist Church, East End 497-4218
St. Mary's Anglican Church, The Valley 497-2971
Wesleyan Holiness Church, 497-5976
St. Gerard's Catholic Church, The Valley 497-2405
St. Augustine's Anglican Church, East End 497-4530
St. Andrews Anglican Church, Island Harbour
Anglican Rectory
The Valley
Facsimile 497-8555
Central Baptist Church
Rey Hill
Christian Fellowship Church
Box 35
Blowing Point
Facsimile 497-8881
Church of God of Prophecy
South Hill 497-6333
The Quarter 497-2038
City Of Faith Church Of God
Box 325
Tackling Estate
Jireh Tabernacle S.D.A. Church
Box 45
The Valley
Mount Fortune Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Church St
East End
St Gerard's Roman Catholic Church
St Mary's Anglican Church
The Valley
Wesleyan Holiness Church
Stoney Ground


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