Anguilla Charter Boats and Shuttles to SXM

Charter boats in Anguilla will pick you up at the SXM airport in Simpson Bay or the Simpson Bay bridge and carry you and your luggage to Blowing Point. If you are coming to Anguilla and do not wish to travel on the ferry, consider a charter or shuttle boat for your trip.

Have this information ready when you contact your charter boat.
Names of passengers
Number of passengers
Flight number
Time of flight
Destination on Anguilla
method of payment

GB Express
Captain Lyle Connor
(264) 235-6205
(264) 584-6205
(264) 235-7010
(011) 599-581-3568 (SXM)
1-321-406-0414 1-321-406-0414 (US)
Fax (264 497-0779)
Email afscs@anguillanet.com

Funtime Charters
Info. and contact on website
FROM ANGUILLA (BLOWING POINT Ferry Terminal) TO St. MARTIN / ST. MAARTEN (Princess Juliana airport)

Captain: Garfield Richardson
Tel: 264-497-2956
Cell 264 497 2956
email: gotcha@anguillanet.com

The Link Charter and Shuttle to SXM Airport
Captain: Frankie Connor
Info on website
website: www.link.ai
Tel# 264-497-2231/3290
Fax: 264-497-3290
Private Charters: $285.00 12 passengers

Shauna SXM Shuttle
Shauna VI
To Juliana Airport next to the fishing dock at Simpson Bay Contact Area Code 264
476 6534
772 2031
599 580 8584 599 553 1820

No Fear Sea Tours

Trevor or Leroy Richardson
Anguilla Phone Numbers: 264-235-6354 or 264-235-8406
In the US call: 407-982-1643
email: nofearseatours@yahoo.com
http://www.nofearseatours.com/No Fear Sea Tours Website

  The Link Ferry
The Link Ferry
  Foot Print Charters
Foot Print Charters

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