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Beach Stone Sculptures

Anguilla sand is made from crushed coral stone dashed onto the shore with the constant tides. Some coral formations make their way to shore intact and Anguillians and visitors alike find them a creative inspiration. Walk along Rendezvous Bay beach on the western end to find a whole gallery of these mysterious and magical creations.

Another spot it find the raw materials for these scupltures is on a small beach west of Island Harbour along the sea rocks. This tiny beach is home to a vast collection of smooth coral stones and now some stone sculptures.
Directions to Island Harbour's tiny beach. Follow the beach all the way to the west past Arawak Inn. Wear hiking shoes and follow the rocks around the end of the point. In a short walk you will reach the tiny beach. Create stone sculpture, admire it and leave it for the next visitor.

Three in a row at the Island Harbour beach.
A magnificent piece at Rendezvous Bay.
Rendezvous Bay has a huge gallery of sculptures in stone.

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