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A complete guide to Anguilla beaches.

Beaches of Anguilla


North Coast

Deserted most of the time, this beach is good for hiking but not for swimming.
Deserted most of the time, this beach is good for hiking but not for swimming.
Captains Bay is lined with dramatic coral cliffs. The beach is a wide stretch of white sand cornered at both ends by rock cliffs. It is now possible to reach the beach by walking the cliff road east of Island Harbour. The waters off this beach often carry a strong under-toe and it is not recommended for swimming. It is ideal for a picnic lunch. Take along a pair of hiking boots and wander through the rock formations along the coast or take the dirt track all the way to the eastern end of the island. Watch out for Abadam hole along the way. This giant cave was exposed to the surface when the thin rock roof collapsed.
Accommodation:Exclusivity Villa
Restaurants: Palm Grove Grill,Hibernia, Island Harbour eastern side
Location:Eastern end of the island not far from Windward Point.
Directions:From The Valley take the Long Road to East End, continue through the village for about 1 mile until you reach a sign for Palm Grove Restaurant. Follow the dirt road east to Captains Bay.
Swimming:Undertoe/no swimming or snorkeling
Privacy:A wonderful spot for a private picnic or hiking in the hills around the beach.
Hiking: Wear hiking boats and long pants. Many tropical bushes have thorns.
Shade: Sea Grape trees rim the beach.

Island Harbour is a fishermans village with a harbour full of small homemade fishing boats. The cresent shaped beach is lined with palm trees and the water is generally calm but quite often is lined with seaweed. The quiet relaxed atmosphere makes it worth the trip and is the place to find a local fisherman willing to take you for a boat trip to Scrub Island or fishing off shore.
Directions:From The Valley take the road to Shoal Bay/Island Harbour. Bear right at the fork to Shoal Bay and follow the road to Canafist Juntion. Bear left and follow the road through Welches Village to Island Harbour. The beach is in the center of the village.
Swimming:The water is generally calm but often has bits of seaweed floating on the current. Also the fishing boats often pull right up to shore.
Snorkeling:no snorkeling opportunities on this beach but take the free boat ride to Scilly Cay and snorkel around the island.
Restaurants:Cote Mer, Scilly Cay, Hibernia, Arawak,KoKo's and Le Bon Pain
Beach Rentals:Smitty Shell Station has chairs and umbrellas right on the beach
Accommodation:Jems, K's Cove, Tamarind, Terra Firma, Villa Elegante, Villa Romantica, Wesley House,
Services: Gas Station, Fuel for boats, Island Pub for groceries.

About a mile of pure white sand.
About a mile of pure white sand.
Shoal Bay East voted one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean. Shoal Bay in the east is the most popular beach on Anguilla. This means that a good portion of the beach is lined with beach bars, small resorts and umbrellas. Fortunately they seem to blend into the background and actually come in handy when you are ready for lunch. The water is perfect, a giant pool of clear blue with a sprinkling of tiny fish right off shore. A short distance from the gradually sloping soft white sand is a live reef full of colorful fish and coral. For a great day on the water off Shoal Bay beach, look for Junior and his glass bottom boat.
Directions:Take the road to Island Harbour out of The Valley. Take the left fork at the Shoal Bay sign and the main road goes straight to the beach.
Parking within walking distance on the main road or turn right and follow the road to Elodias parking area.
Water Sports:Rental snorkel Equipment at Shoal Bay Scuba.
Beach Rentals:Some restaurants provide chairs and umbrellas and there are several operators that will rent chairs, umbrellas, towels, snorkel gear and water sport items.
Accommodation:Shoal Bay Villas, Ku, Allamanda, Serenity Cottages
Boat Access:Fishing boats and small charter boats pull up to the shore on a regular basis.
Features:Considered to be one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.
Local music is often provided at several beach bars.
Sail boat races are occasionally held right off the beach.

End of the journey, Limestone Bay.
End of the journey, Limestone Bay.
Limestone Bay is worth the trip. Quiet, secluded and occasionally the nesting spot for some of Anguilla's sea turtles and the island's Iguana.
Directions:From The Valley take the road to Crocus Bay. Turn right at the old cottage hospital and follow the road up Roaches Hill and all the way down to the beach. There is parking just off the beach.
View:Limestone Bay is a small strip of sand nestled between sea rock formations on both sides. The open Atlantic comes right to the shore and Dog Island is visible in the distance.
Swimming:Strong swimmers only, there is usually a strong under current here.
Snorkeling:Snorkel along the rocks on both sides. Advanced swimmers only.
Accommodation:villa on east shore
Privacy:This beach is a favorite among locals for family picnics and gatherings. Take along a small grill and spend the evening watching the sun go down.
Hiking: Wear hiking boots to explore the area around the bay. Wonderful vistas from both sides of the beach.

Surrounded by high cliff walls on land and coral reef in the sea.
Surrounded by high cliff walls on land and coral reef in the sea.
Little Bay is Anguilla's best kept secret, a tiny quiet beach, fantastic snorkelling...
You can get there by climbing down the cliff but a better way is to take Carl's water taxi from Crocus Bay.
Location: Middle of the north coast just east of The Valley.
Directions: From The Valley take the road to Crocus Bay. Turn right at the old cottage hospital and follow the road up Roachs Hill. Follow the marl road to the cliff edge. But... the best way to get to Little Bay is by boat. Go to Crocus Bay and ask for Carl.
View: View of the coastline west, Sandy Island and Dog Island. Also the cliff wall that line little bay are magnificent.
Swimming: The protected bay has calm clear water and falls off gradually for easy access. Swimming is a pleasure here.
Snorkeling: Snorkel along the cliff walls around little bay in both directions. The fish community is very active along the north cliff wall and you may see the same fish year after year.
Privacy: Because it is such a popular destination, sailboats often moor right off shore and spend the day. The beach is seldom crowded because it is difficult to reach except by boat.
Hiking: Along the cliff wall if you drive there from The Valley.

Take Calvin's Taxi boat to Little Bay from here.
Take Calvin's Taxi boat to Little Bay from here.
Crocus Bay is a short drive from The Valley,with magnificent cliffs and view of Anguilla's off-shore cays. Often overlooked, this beach is great for swimming and snorkeling. Get in the water at Crocus Bay and swim all the way to Little Bay. The swim is easy, the water is shallow and is full of reef fish and coral. There is a small beach only accessable by water between Crocus and Little Bay. Here's a thought...go in the morning, snorkel to Little Bay, arrange with Calvin's Little Bay Boat Service to pick you up and carry you back.
Directions: From The Valley take the road to Crocus Bay and follow it down to the beach. Parking right on the beach and along the road.
Swimming/Snorkeling: Good as the water is generally calm.
Beach Rentals: Calvin's Little Bay Boat Service will take you to Little Bay when you want to go and return when you are ready to go home.
Accommodation: A small duplex rental house.
Commercial:Anguilla's desal water plant is located at Crocus beach. Construction on beach currently.
Boat Access:Small local fishing boats and leisure sailboats often moor offshore.
Features:Walk to the western end and search through the fallen cliff face for fossils of marine life. The water right offshore is home to large star fish.

Katouche Bay is a tiny beach is at the bottom of Anguilla's only "rain forest".
Take the nature walk through Katouche Valley and end up at the beach. Or drive from Crocus Hill to Masara and walk down the easy way.
Directions: From the Valley take the road to Crocus Hill and turn left before going down to Crocus Bay. Follow the road onto the marl road and continue along the hill side to Masarra Resort. Park at the bottom of the hill and walk along the path to the beach west of the resort.
Swimming:Strong swimmers only!
Accommodation: Masarra Resort
Privacy:Since this beach is not good for swimming or snorkeling is it usually empty.
Hiking: The best spot on the island for hiking. There are several trails through the forest that lead up to the top of the hill and to Iguana Cave. Wear hiking boots and long pants.

A view from backstreet on South Hill.
A view from backstreet on South Hill.
Road Bay and the village of Sandy Ground is Anguilla's main port for ships and also nighttime activites. The long curved beach is lined with high cliffs and a salt pond behind. The harbour is usually filled with all types of fishing boats and pleasure boats. It is also the best place to find a boat ride to Sandy Island or Prickley Pear Cay. You have everything on Sandy Ground beach, great restaurant, entertainment and even a small grocery store. Want to stay right on the beach? Try here! Annual boat races are also held on Sandy Ground beach. It's a great party.
Directions:From the airport turn left and take road West to the traffic circle. Down the hill to village. Parking all along the road to beach.
Swimming:Quiet beach to swim. Freighters, sailboats and local fishing boats moored there.
Restaurants:Roys' Barrel Stay, Swing Low, Ripples, Johnno's, Pumphouse
Beach Rentals:Rental of fishing boats, tour boats to Sandy Island, Prickily Pear and other offshore islands.
Accommodation:Small rental apartments
Shade:Bring your own chairs and umbrella.
Commercial:Yes, commercial pier and customs. Small well stocked grocery store. Anguilla Royal Police station and Immigration on beach.

Prickly Pear Cay
Prickly Pear Cay
Prickley Pear Cay and Sandy Island are small cays off the north coast of Anguilla, a popular stop for sailboats and snorkel trips. Take a short boat ride to the islands from Sandy Ground. Three beachbar restaurants offer lunch and boat rides to the island.
Directions:Several boat charters will take you on a day trip to Prickley Pear Cay or Sandy Island. The closest port is Sandy Ground.
Swimming and snorkeling are good.
Restaurants:Prickly Pear Rest. Johnno's on Prickly Pear. Beach bar on Sandy Island
Boat Access:leisure boats often moor offshore
Features:Pleasant boat ride to the cay and a great "deserted island" feel.

Long Bay
Long Bay
Long Bay is usually quiet and the perfect spot for sunbathing. A villa type resort has recently been added to this beach front. Oliver's restaurant sits on the cliff above with easy access to the beach, great views.
Directions:From airport take main road left for approximately 5 miles. Turn right for about 1 mile to Oliver's Restaurant. Park on road and walk to beach.
Accommodation: Rental beach villas
Privacy:People from the villa resort and restaurant now frequent this beach.

Meads Bay western end
Meads Bay western end
Meads Bay is a long stretch of sand, perfect walks in the sunset. Villa accommodation, a resort and restaurant line this beach.
Public Beach Access: Road next to the Malliouhana Spa on the eastern end of the beach.
Road behind Sea Grape resort on the western end of the beach.
Major contruction going on currrently on this beach.
Restaurants: Malliouhana,Plumeria,Blanchards, Bananas, Mahi Mahi at Sirena
Turtles Nest
Directions:From airport take main road West for about 5 miles turning right for 2 miles to hotel area where you may park and walk to beach.
Swimming:Very good swimming on nice sandy beach.
Water Sports:Water sports available at hotels.
Beach Rentals:Bring your own chairs and umbrella.
Features:Annual boat races held with local food and music.

Barnes Bay beach has great views and unusual rock formations. Several rental villa homes and a restaurant and hotel line this beach.
Major contruction on this beach currently.
Restaurants on/near:Mango's, Picante
Accommodation on Barnes Bay
Villa Stel-Chad-Na
Les Alize
Cerulean Villa
Directions:From airport turn left at main road and head west for about 8 miles. Turn right at Mango's Restaurant sign. Park and walk to beach.
Swimming:For experienced swimmers only. Use caution.

South Coast Beaches

Windard Point is a great spot to watch seabirds.
Windard Point is a great spot to watch seabirds.
Windward Point is rugged wilderness. Wear hiking boots and explore the eastern tip of the island. Climb the rock at the end of Anguilla and get an excellent view of Scrub Island. This area is at present completely desolate...take a buddy.
Directions:Take the road to Junks Hole Bay and keep going east. The road is very rocky and requires a jeep. After Captains Bay there are no houses.
View:At the very end of the island is a rock formation where the light for passing boats is situated. Climb to the top to view a large part of Anguilla, St. Martin, St. Barths and Scrub Island.
No swimming or snorkeling
Commercial:There is a sand excavation operation at the end of the island behind the beach.

Savannah Bay on the eastern end of the island is a long sweeping cresent beach backed by sand dunes. At present this beach has one beach bar and an occasional small fishing boat.
Directions:From airport head east through The Quarter on to Long Path Road around the Sandy Hill Roundabout towards East End Village. Follow main road to sign for Palm Grove Restaurant. Turn right and continue down dirt road to restaurant.
Swimming and snorkeling
Restaurants:Palm Grove open for lunch.
Features:Good shelling and long walk.

Mimi Bay is isolated rugged and not a great place for swimming,but perfect for shelling and hiking. Take a buddy.
Directions:From The Valley take Long Path Road to East End Village. Turn right just past the Public tennis courts and take the first left on the marl road. Follow the marl road all the way to the coast and the beach. Caution: The road to Mimi Bay is very rocky and requires a jeep for safe passage.
Alternative route: Go to Sile Bay and walk along the sea rocks to Mimi Bay.
View:Sint Maarten and St. Barths and on clear days the islands to the south including Statia and St. Kitts.
No swimming or snorkeling
Hiking: Excellent, be sure to bring hiking shoes and long pants.

Sandy Hill Bay is a cresent of sand on a protected bay and a pleasant place to sun and swim. A favorite beach of the local population. A number of villas, some rental villas line the hills around this beach.
Directions:From airport take Long Path Road to dirt road just before Sandy Hill Roundabout. About 3 miles from The Valley. Go south towards the sea and park car on the marl road.
Good swimming and snorkeling
Accommodation:Several villas dot the cliff around the beach and are within easy walking distance.
Boat Access:Small fishing boats and private boats often moor here

Forest Bay has very shallow water and a great view. Popular restaurant Straw Hat is located at the eastern end of this beach. Several rental villas are on the western end. This is one of the few beaches on Anguilla that has private rental villas right on the beach.
Directions:From airport take road around back of airport following signs to Straw Hat Restaurant.
Major construction going on currently.
Swimming:Although rather shallow at the waters edge, there is good clear water right off shore.
Snorkeling:Good snorkeling opportunities along the lower areas of the bay. Water fairly shallow and very clear. Near Straw Hat Restaurant is an area of large coral formations and a good size fish population.
Boat Access:Small fishing boats moor around the peir at Straw Hat.

Elsie Bay is a tiny jewel and has some unusual snorkeling opportunities. Several rental villas are within walking distance of this beach.
Directions:Take the road west from the airport for about 1 mile. Turn left at the George Hill road to Little Harbour. Follow the road for about 1 mile and turn left just as you reach the marl road. Follow this road until you see Little Harbour and turn left again. Follow this road to Elsie Bay. It is difficult to find but worth the trip.
Swimming:Good for swimming for a short distance before coral formations begin.
Snorkeling:Experienced snorkelers will enjoy the coral formations close to the shore of this beach. Fairly well protected with very little wave action.

Little Harbour is protected on all sides, this beach has no waves and is good for swimming and boating.
Directions:From airport take main road to left about 1 mile. Turn left at first left and follow road to the right to Enclave Boutique Resort.
View:St. Barts, St. Martin, Caribbean Sea.
Swimming:Good swimming. Very calm.

Great spot for a picnic.
Great spot for a picnic.
Blowing Point is the ferry port for Anguilla, this strip of beach has a very selcuded area to the west of the ferry that is wonderful for beach picnics and swimming. The area also has several rental villas and restaurant.
Directions:From airport go left on main road approximately 3 miles. Turn left (South) to Ferry Boat about 2 miles. Park on road. Walk to beach.
View:St. Martin and Caribbean Sea
Swimming:Good swimming
Restaurants:Ferry Boat Inn right on the beach. Lunch and dinner. Big Jim BBQ
Commercial:Ferry Boat to St. Martin.

Rendezvous Bay is a mile long stretch of sand with calm clear water and the perfect view. Several resorts, a few rental villas and restaurants line this beach.
Directions:Take the road west from the airport. Follow the road approximately 3.5 miles to the Great House road sign on the left. Follow the road directly to the beach. Parking next to the hotel and along the road.
Swimming:Good for swimming, water generally calm with no reef.
Snorkeling:On the eastern end near Rendezvous Bay is a small area of coral rock.
Water Sports:All hotels have water sport equipment.
Restaurants:Hotel restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Bankie Banks Dune Preserve has lunch and dinner and music.
Beach Rentals:Great House Hotel has beach chairs and umbrellas for rent.
Accommodation:Starting at the eastern end, Rendezvous Bay Hotel, Great House and CuisinArt Resort and Spa
Shade: No shade, bring an umbrella.
Boat Access: Leisure boats and water sport sail boats cruise this bay.
Features:Home of Moonsplash at The Dune Preserve

Merrywing Bay is now completely surrounded by the golf course.

Cove Bay
Cove Bay
Cove Bay is lined with sand dunes and a gentle cresent beach. One restaurant sits on the eastern end of the beach and a public jetty.
Restaurant: Smokey's
Directions:Take the road west from the airport approximately 4.5 miles. Turn left at the Sonesta Beach Resort sign on the main road and follow the road directly to the beach. Parking around the beach.
View:St. Martin and Saba
Accommodation:Paradise Cove, Cap Juluca within walking distance from the beach.
Privacy:This beach is often completely empty on the western end.

Maunday's Bay Beach is completely surrounded by Cap Juluca Resort.To reach this beach you must go through the resort.
Directions:Take the road west from the airport for appoximately 5 miles. Turn left at the Cap Juluca road sign and follow the road to the beach.
Restaurants:Hotel has 3 restaurants.

Shoal Bay West is a pleasant curve of sand with relatively calm waters for swimming.
The view of St. Martin and Saba from this beach make it an enjoyable place to sunbath. The beach is dotted with upscale resorts and 2 restaurants.
Public Access to Shoal Bay West
Between Cove Castles and the next villa on the western end.
Right next to Altamer on the eastern end.
Restaurants:Cove Castles, Trattoria Tramonto
Accommodation:Cove Castles,African Sapphire,Brazillian Emerald,Russian Amethyst,Blue Waters
Directions:From airport take main road West for approximately 7 miles.
View:View of St. Martin, Anguillita Island and Caribbean Sea.

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Anguilla Beach Map →


A complete list of beaches on Anguilla. To get more information or find out which beaches best suit your needs or desires, check out the descriptions listed by category under Beaches. Smaller details maps are included in the beach description.

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A Day at the Beach →


Anguilla Beach Primer or some helpful hints on what items to take for a great day at the beach. Be sure to start early...this may take awhile.

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Beneath the Waves →


You don’t have to scuba dive in the waters off Anguilla’s beaches to discover the colorful life just off the shore. On many beaches a simple snorkel, mask and fins is all you need to make the trip.

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Sun gets in your Eyes →


The first thing you will probably notice about Anguilla when you step off the plane or ferry is the immediate urge to put on your sun glasses. Don’t waste a moment. This island is known for its sunny skies and with good reason. Long, narrow and flat, Anguilla attracts sunshine like a bee to honey. There are no mountains or tall building to stop clouds as they pass by and because there is not much rain, the vegetation is low and the glare is high. The sea is close by even in the middle of the island. This causes even more glare. The island is made up of coral rock causing sun rays to bounce about in every direction.

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Little Bay Boat Service


If you want to snorkel at Little Bay or just spend the day on the tiny private beach, go to Crocus Bay and look for Calvin. His boat is moored right off the beach and if you don't find him there, look in Roy's restaurant. Calvin will take you to Little Bay (about a 5 minute boat ride) and bring you back to Crocus Bay whenever you want to return.
Tel: 264 497 3939

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Beach Stone Sculptures →

Three in a row at the Island Harbour beach.

Anguilla sand is made from crushed coral stone dashed onto the shore with the constant tides. Some coral formations make their way to shore intact and Anguillians and visitors alike find them a creative inspiration. Walk along Rendezvous Bay beach on the western end to find a whole gallery of these mysterious and magical creations.

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